The Special

this package might just be the perfect fit if 

You would like a bank of coaching and coordination hours - to serve as your sanity check. 

Your venue comes with an Event or Venue Manager or your friend is your day-of contact and you want to be confident everything is going to be taken care of.

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Your wedding is 0-12 months out. 

You want a neutral opinion from a wedding expert - so you can be confident in your decisions. 

You have a lot of elements and want someone to help bring them all together. 

You have found a lot of joy in DIYing your wedding, you just want to make sure you didn't forget anything!

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Am I crazy? 

No, they just don't know how to actually help.

60-minute Wedding Kickstarter

1. When you book, we will schedule your COMPLIMENTARY 60-minute

Wedding Kickstarter video chat where you get access to your Client Portal 

(aka - where all the wedding planning magic happens!)

2. During your COMPLIMENTARY 60-minute Wedding Kickstart video chat,

I will ask questions about your unique circumstances. 


3. We'll strategize the best way to allocate your booked hours based on the help you need. 

No more stress!

Hour allocation is completely customizable based on your unique needs!

wedding coaching

From now until the big day, we will schedule wedding coaching video chats.


This is dedicated time to talk through what is stressing you the #&^! out, evolving relationships, your crazy family, partner communication, vendor recommendations, checklist updates and will offer you an opportunity to ask all your wedding-related questions, AND time to coach you through any of the following, getting agenda-free advice specific to YOUR wedding. 

3 hours

In addition to your 3 coaching hours, you'll get the opportunity to pick any 1 of the following services.

Pick 1

ceremony plan

mood board

Solve Pinterest-overwhelm really fast! I will create a

one-page mood board that identifies your priorities,

color palette and a reflection of both ceremony and reception. Use this as a communication tool with vendors

and a way to keep yourself protected from all the shiny objects.

The ceremony has A LOT of little details - and people

who need to show up on time! Let's create the plan so

your day-of contact knows how to successfully direct

the rehearsal and be ready for the big day. 

rsvp management

decor plan

vow review

coaching hours (2 hrs.)

offline wedding planning

(2 hrs.)

site walkthrough

vendor meeting

Once you have your venue, let's identify decor needs, placement and get you on the right track with sourcing

from vendors and/or what you are going to DIY.

Want someone there with you during your meeting with

the florist, rental company, menu tasting? I'm happy to

join to confirm the right details and ask the right questions.

(Available for local clients only! Up-to 2 hour meeting)

Let's do a field trip to your potential venue or do a site walk through to chat about decor ideas and placement.

Available for local clients only! Up-to 2 hour meeting.

Travel costs may apply

All the names, the addresses, the meal selections,

the children, the tracking - let me take it over with

managing RSVPs as they come in.

The little things can pile up, need some help

sourcing, reviewing contracts, checking out a vendor,

let me bust it out with some offline

wedding planning time.

Do you or your partner want to make sure your

vows are authentically you? But don't know where

to start? I'm here for ya!

custom checklist

Time to get organized my friend! I will develop a custom checklist that is custom to your unique situation, so that

we can track everything along the way.

Need a little extra time with me 1:1? No worries, we can always add extra time to your virtual coaching hours.

day-of schedule


day-of schedule

hand-off training

We'll get it down to nitty-gritty, to ensure you truly

get to just show up. I will also coach you on how to

maximize your vendors through the schedule. 

Let me train your day-of person and/or do a

hand-off call with your venue's Event Manager.

It's going to be the most thorough

'passing of the baton',

you'll ever witness.

unlimited email/text communication

Perfect for when you need a quick answer, opinion, or review every once in awhile. With The Extra + The Premium packages, you get unlimited email and text communication complimentary!

+$99 optional


Nicole is wonderful and I truly can't recommend

her enough. I had thought I could plan my 30 person

wedding with no trouble, but planning a wedding in

four months no matter the size of the guest list has its

challenges.  Nicole was there at every step to made

sure things were perfect. Working with Zilla is the best

money you will ever spend.


The Special

This chart shows an EXAMPLE of how your booked hours could be allocated.

Wedding Kickstart Video Chat 
Client Portal
Unlimited Email/Text Communication
Virtual Coaching Calls
10 hrs.
6 hrs.
3 hrs.
Pick 3
Pick 2
Pick 1
Decor Plan
Custom Checklist
Site Walk-through
Mood Board
Additional Coaching Hours
Offline Wedding Planning
RSVP Management
Vow Review
Ceremony Plan
Day-of Schedule Dev.
Day-of Schedule Training


12 months
6 months
3 months

Don't know exactly what you need? No problem-o!

We figure out all the details during your Meet + Greet video chat.