Glad you could join the party! 

Nicole here! I personally invite you to let your hair down, enjoy a 'cup a-jo' (or whatever you fancy) and tell me all the deets.


Loving all things nuptials and planning events for 15+ years - consider me your bridal bestie, here to guide you through all those lovely, but many wedding decisions. I get it, wedding planning gets complicated and I want you to be empowered so you look back on your wedding day and the process to getting there, with joy.  

I am passionate about empowering and guiding couples through their wedding planning process, keeping it fun through the craziness

From planning my own wedding, which lacked no shortage of external considerations and my experience working with couples - I noticed that we can go from enjoying the moment of being engaged, to  anxiety and overwhelm from all.the.things. 


The good news - It can all be addressed with grace. 

My heart goes pitter patter when creating experiences for community to connect on a human level. Weddings are one of those last opportunities in our society when people get all dolled up and come together to celebrate.


It's magical to watch and extremely satisfying to create.


This is your day to shine. My mission is to be that REAL person, helping you along the way, who is not afraid of the nitty-gritty, providing you with a truly personalized and manageable plan and structure, an unbiased sounding board to help you navigate through it ALL - someone on your side to provide honesty and a genuine interest in empowering you to create the day of your dreams. 


This is gonna be fun - I promise!  

DAnce parties

'Let it gooo! Let it gooo!' With two littles, bet you can guess what's on the playlist.

wine tasting

Formally, or not so formally - like on the couch watching The Bachelor. Best girls night ever! White cheddar popcorn? Even better.


I could be a hot mess, but if my nails are done, I feel totally put together. Funny how that works.


I love to tinker and am a sucker for good packaging, so making things pretty is my jam.

My happy place...